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Policies and strategies

Here you can find information about the our Accessibility Policy, our Client Service Charter, how we protect your personal information and how we allow re-use of information that is available to the public. Ombudsman Complaints Policies and Procedures Regarding Consent can be found here. This section also sets out how you can avail of the Ombudsman's Review Procedure in the event that you are not happy with how this Office has dealt with your complaint. You can also find information regarding the criteria which we use to determine cases for investigation and the procedures we use when conducting an investigation interview.

The Office regularly reviews its strategy documents that set out what we do now, and what we intend to do into the future. These documents detail our approach to the Irish language, how we are delivering on our commitments under the current Public Service Agreement, and how we hope to develop further as a public body.

The role of the Operations Review group is to consider and decide on issues regarding the operational activities of the Office of the Ombudsman in order to facilitate the effective delivery of the Office's Strategic objectives. It also oversees the implementation of any change management in the organisation. The Terms of Reference for the Group are here.

The Audit Committee, which is part of the organisation's control environment, is tasked with providing independent advice to the Accounting Officer regarding the suitability and robustness of the organisation's internal control systems and procedures, including the operations and development of the internal audit function, the business control and risk management environment and the relationship with external audit. The Charter and Terms of Reference are here.

We also have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ombudsman for Chiildren.