Public Sector Duty Action Plan 2022 - 2025

Objective  Task  Responsible  Suggested Actions
Accessible workplace  1)    Make sure staff are fully aware of the accessible features of our new Office. Corporate Services/QSEC/ Publish and keep up to date information on the intranet regarding:
  Disability Liaison Officer Hearing loop
    Disability friendly toilets
    Assistive technologies available
    Needs assessments available
  Access officer and disability liaison officer  
2)    Ensure relevant staff know how to use the hearing loop and the location of disabled toilets.   Information/training provided to front of house staff and to other staff as required.
  Access officer and disability liaison officer  
3)    Make available and promote appropriate services for the use of Irish Sign Language (ISL)   Identify appropriate ISL translation services which can be employed when required 
    Scope out additional ISL services available (on-demand interpretation app)
    Draft internal policies and procedures for use of ISL in the office
    Publish information on websites on how members of the public can avail of ISL services and train staff as appropriate
Accessible communications 4)   Using feedback from the National Disability Authority (NDA)’s review of the Ombudsman’s website, update the website to make it more accessible to users.  Access officer and QSEC Update websites to ensure a high degree of accessibility in line with NDA’s recommendations.
    Reminder to staff re requirements of S27 and inclusion of same in office procurement guidelines
  Access Officer / Procurement Officer  
    Anonymous survey of service users
Accessible outreach  5)   Develop OIC outreach QSEC and OIC  
6)   Identify actions that might help to identify sectors of the community the Ombudsman Office may not be reaching QSEC Reach out to complainants by email to ask them if they might complete a short anonymous survey.
    Greater engagement with CICs re their own stats/knowledge
    Gather knowledge from our own staff re the sectors we are/may not be reaching
    Consider the possibility of engaging a professional market research company to carry out a more in-depth analysis of those we are and aren’t reaching
    Identify other ways of advertising outreach in order to reach a wider audience (e.g.s Ombudsman workshops with NGOs working with marginalised communities)
Decisions which respect human rights and equality  7) Implement a human rights perspective to cases and promoting the public sector duty as part of good public administration Senior management / Ombudsman / PSD Committee / sub-Committee Establish sub-committee of PSD Committee to examine the issues.
Develop guidance and training for Ombudsman staff on examining complaints with a human rights lens
A workplace which respect human rights and equality  8)    Review and further define the role of the EDI Officer within the Office. Equality and Diversity Officer / HR / PSD Committee Examine EDI role in other offices; agree role with PSD Committee/HR
  HR / PSD Committee  
9)    Up date human rights training for all staff   All office staff to complete the revised IHREC PSD training module through One Learning
    Put together a series of ‘lunch and learn’ events for staff on a variety of human rights and equality related topics
    Feedback from staff re student experience of transition year programme.
  HR / PSD Committee Consider outreach to Deis schools to participate in TY programme 
10)    Review and update transition year policy and programme   Consider partnering with DoJ internship programme which to facilitate work experience for members of the Travelling/ Roma Community
    Consider work placements/internships for other minority communities
    Consider renewing participation in WAM programme
  HR / PSD Committee  
    Consider participation in Oireachtas OWL programme
11)    Identify internship and other work opportunities towards a more diverse workplace    
    Consider an anonymous online survey of staff.
  HR / PSD Committee  
12)    Audit current diversity of Office staff.     
Workplace wellness Arrange follow-up support for staff who deal with distressed and suicidal customers HR Provide training to designated “guidance officers”.
Re-constitute Health & Wellness and Social Committees   Seek members for both committees
Ensure awareness of Child Safeguarding Statement for current and new staff